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Crowther Centre June 7th, 2022 · 2 minute read

In May, the Crowther Centre partnered with Knowledge Society to deliver the inaugural Science of Learning Leadership Accelerator (SOLLA) conference at Brighton Grammar.

The two-day event brought together 70 of Australia’s leading educators to accelerate the implementation of the Science of Learning and evidence-based practice in classrooms.

Inspiring keynote addresses were delivered by thought leaders at the forefront of teaching best practices, including Dr Jenny Donovan, Dr Lorraine Hammond, Dr Pamela Snow, Toni Hatten-Roberts, Ross Fox and Elena Douglas.

Covering topics from ‘How we have changed a whole system’ to ‘Why reading is the place to begin evidence-based school improvement’, the presentations provided a clear picture of the current state of Australia’s education system and the importance of evidence-based teaching practice.

Group sessions were targeted to the specific needs and contexts of participants who ranged from primary school teachers to education system leaders. One session saw our own Dr Ray Swann and Bryn Humberstone leading a stream that explored models of change for secondary schools.

To inspire real change and put all this knowledge into practice, the final day featured an expert panel discussion and facilitated group sessions. These helped participants develop a step-by-step roadmap for implementing the Science of Learning in their respective schools and systems.

The SOLLA conference is an evolution of our Coaching in Action days, and discussions between the Crowther Centre and the Knowledge Society over the importance of the science of learning in education and how to share this message across Australia.

Over two days, Science of Learning Leadership Accelerator developed from a niche practice to a mainstream one. Special thanks to Dr Mark Dowley and Ollie Lovell of the Crowther Centre who worked with Knowledge Society to bring this event to life.

We look forward to seeing the Crowther Centre continue to lead the way in using evidence and science to make a positive and widespread change across Australian classrooms!

If you would like to know more about this workshop or any of our other programs and partnerships, contact us.


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