The Effective Learner Model

Improving educational outcomes

The Effective Learner Model is a school wide tool and approach to teaching and learning.

It has been developed using contextual evidence, experience and the best available research into improving student learning outcomes. The model also incorporates some features that make it our own including: boy-friendly/personalised language, integration of our wellbeing and learning models and straight forward instructions.



Learning Dispositions

Strengths, Resilience

  • I am prepared (mentally and physically)
  • I know my strengths and build on them
  • I demonstrate a growth mindset by being resilient and seeking feedback

Learning Design

Purpose and Meaning

  • I can articulate and will act on my next learning steps
  • I am purposeful in my learning and this helps my life and meaning

Learning Process

Positive Environment, Engagement

  • I know that learning requires effort and engagement
  • I have many strategies to help me learn and I know how and when to use them
  • I organise my environment to help me learn

Learning Culture

Relationships, Outcomes and Accomplishments

  • I know positive relationships with my peers and teacher will help me learn
  • I act on feedback to support successful outcomes for myself and others or, I act to support successful outcomes for myself and others using feedback
  • I honour and acknowledge my own and others’ accomplishments