‘Tools for Teachers’ now available

Teaching guidebook

Crowther Centre May 4th, 2022 · 9min watch

Ollie Lovell‘s new book ‘Tools for Teachers’ has arrived. Condensing 5 years and 60 interviews with leading educators from Ollie’s Education Research Reading Room Podcast, it’s packed full of practical advice to make good teachers even better.

See Ollie’s sneak peek:

If you’re keen to get your hands on a copy, here’s how:

• Australia: Order here. Ollie will even sign it for you! This is the only way to get a copy posted before June 1st, which is when Amazon will start shipping to Australia
• UK: John Catt UK or Amazon
• US: John Catt US or Amazon
• Rest of the world: Unfortunately there is no quick way to get T4T outside of Aus, UK, and the US for the next month or so. The best option is to check your country’s Amazon store or, if you’re really keen to get a copy asap, email booksales@johncatt.com to inquire directly.


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