The Crowther Coaching Lab

Designed and delivered in a way that fits with busy teacher schedules.

Crowther Centre January 24th, 2024 · 2min read

The quality of a coaching program cannot exceed the quality of its coaches. 

Sometimes, in the busyness of school life, it can be hard to carve out time for reflection and practicing of coaching skills.

The Coaching Lab is an online forum comprising three 35-minute sessions each term, designed for practicing coaches and led by experienced coaches.

In 2024, the Coaching Lab will be facilitated by Dr Mark Dowley from the Crowther Centre, together with Raelene Plozza, Head of Instructional Coaching at Brighton Grammar School.

They will facilitate short, highly practical sessions, designed to increase the quality of your coaching conversations.

For each session, participants will be able to select from a range of times and join the one that best suits their circumstances. Designed to be accessible and affordable at $87 per term.

The Coaching Lab provides a structured space for coaches to engage with Mark and Raelene to:

  • practise key coaching skills and grow their repertoire
  • discuss solutions to common coaching challenges
  • connect with other coaches from schools across Australia.

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