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Crowther Centre December 19th, 2023 · 2min read

The classrooms of Australian 15-year-olds are among the most disruptive in the world; ranking at 69 out of 76 school systems in the OECD.

To meet this challenge, Oliver (Ollie) Lovell and Dr Mark Dowley have put together a summary of the most effective behaviour management strategies that they use when coaching teachers into The Classroom Management Handbook.

With a foreword by Dr. Bill Rogers who commented:

  • “Mark and Ollie have developed a text that comprehensively addresses how best to address behaviour and learning in a wide range of contexts and covering the common issues that we all face as teachers day after day.”
  • “Whether you’re beginning your teaching journey or whether you are a senior colleague in our profession, this is an essential book.”
  • “Most of all it will encourage and remind you of why you chose to be a teacher.”

If you’d like more engaged students in your classrooms and teachers who are confident when managing the difficult class, pick up your copy today:

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