Ray and Mark on Coaching Conversations with Jim Knight Podcast

We delve into the world of Education and Coaching excellence with Jim Knight!

Crowther Centre March 6th, 2024 · 32 minute listen

Dr Ray Swann and Dr. Mark Dowley are featured guests on the Coaching Conversations with Jim Knight podcast, where they share insights into the world of education, leadership, and personal growth. Ray brings a wealth of experience in education and well-being programs to the discussion and together with Mark, he emphasises the integral role of instructional coaching in enhancing human performance, not only in education.

Sharing their journey and experiences as thought leaders and coaching experts they delve into ideas to provide clarity, help individuals solve complex problems in challenging environments, and navigate nuanced situations effectively. This episode offers valuable insights and strategies for improving coaching practices and fostering professional development in the education sector.

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Mark Dowley on the Coaching in Education Podcast

Creating an effective coaching culture; a school’s journey to establish a coaching culture for students, staff and parents.

Crowther Centre April 27th, 2022 · 27 minute listen

Motivation and Staff Development

Dr Mark Dowley September 27th, 2019 · 3min

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