Raelene Plozza on the Coaching in Education Podcast

How a focus on Literacy can boost a school’s coaching culture.

Crowther Centre May 5th, 2022 · 34 minute listen

In Growth Coaching International‘s ‘Coaching in Education’ podcast series, host Richard Reid is joined by Raelene Plozza. Hear more about her school’s well-established coaching culture with a specific focus on Literacy. Raelene shares why she considers Instructional Coaching to be the highest impact role of her career in education.

Listen to the podcast episode on the GCI website, or search Coaching in Education wherever you access your podcasts.



Mark Dowley on the Coaching in Education Podcast

Creating an effective coaching culture; a school’s journey to establish a coaching culture for students, staff and parents.

Crowther Centre April 27th, 2022 · 27 minute listen

Motivation and Staff Development

Dr Mark Dowley September 27th, 2019 · 3min

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